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For best results BE YOURSELF

By Wayne Hoover

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The key to life is being yourself. So much of our days are spent trying to be what others say we should be. So much of our days are spent trying to follow frameworks or guidelines of what others tell us to do and believe.

Yet the key to success is actually in NOT doing what others have told us what to do. The key to success is in doing what you know is best to do for yourself. The key to success is following your own guidance. The key to success is in listening to your heart and following it. The key to success is in truly being yourself.

Others are constantly trying to tell you what how to do things. But the key to remember is that _they don’t know_ what is best for you. They don’t know your specific unique situation- at best they can give you broad general strokes from experiences of their own lives.

There is no guru outside of yourself. This is the one point that I would like to come away with in this article. There is no guru outside of yourself. The best teacher is yourself.

We are constantly being told that the answer lies outside of ourselves. We are constantly giving our power away to doctors or teachers or anyone as if they could really truly help us. And I’m sure that they can in some points- when our heart guides to the advice of others it is good to take it- but we must remember the advice of others is only as good as it sounds true in your heart.

You are your own guru. You have all the answers within yourself. This is the truth. I’m not saying that you don’t need anything outside of yourself- as long as you are living you will be taking in information from outside of yourself. What I am asking you to do is look inside to your own innate beauty and abundance of knowledge.

Honestly who best to know what you need than yourself? Who best to know your answers than you? Honestly if you really thought about it- I bet that you could answers 99% of the questions you have yourself if you just allowed yourself the time for them to come to you.

So if you really want to do something focus on doing it as you would do it. Think about what you want to accomplish and then just go about it- don’t worry about how others say to accomplish it- just go about it- go for it- just GO FOR IT.

In fact from my experience I think there is a direct correlation between those who follow their heart/instinct/gut/etc and success. In fact I’m just going to go ahead and say it; _there is a direct correlation between those who follow their heart and success._

There is. The more real you are- the more attractive you are- the more everything you are. Realness is what creates success. In fact I don’t know anyone who has any real success who didn’t get there by not being real to themselves.

So if the key to life is being yourself- being real to yourself- then how do we do it? How do we throw away all our preconditioning and become in alignment with our true nature?

Well let me tell you… NOT. Let me not tell you that. You know why? Because that would be just us falling into the same old routine again- of me (or it could be anyone) telling you what to do.

All you have to do is ask yourself the question that makes the most sense to you. Maybe it sounds like; what do I do more of to be in alignment with my truth- or maybe it sounds something like; how can I be more real with myself? Or maybe it sounds something like- how can I begin to understand what is really true for myself?

The key here is to listen to yourself. The key is to always listen to yourself. Become aware of your own inner nature- and follow your own framework- this will give you the best results in the end.


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