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How to instantly connect with people

By Wayne Hoover

Tree of Light
Creative Commons License photo credit: JPhilipson

The holidays often have us visiting relatives and old friends who we might not have a lot of common with and who honestly you probably wouldn’t choose to spend your next weekend with. So how do we make the best of situations in which we are around people we would rather not be around? By connecting deeply with those we are around quickly we instantly transform the situation from one of unhappiness and pain to one of joy and peace.

To instantly connect with someone resist the urge label by learning to look past who one appears to be to who they really are. An easy way to instantly connect with someone is to look deeply in their eyes for at least 3 seconds before you even say a word– this will build rapport and trust. Learn to look at people beyond their age- gender- occupation- and other external appearances- learn that this is not at all as important as you think (because labels don’t really tell the whole truth anyways) and you will have a great relationship with everyone you meet.

Once conversation starts- remember that even if they say they are a staunch conservative they are much much more than that. Everyone is much much more than who they say they are- what they look like- or who you think they are if you take this attitude you will surly instantly connect with everyone you meet and all your interactions no matter if they be with your scary mother-in-law or best friend will be filled with peace and joy.

Enjoy your new deeper connections.

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