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Raw Food and Emotions

By Wayne Hoover

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As you transition to a more pure raw food diet you begin to let go of accumulated toxic chemicals your body has taken in from a cooked diet. As you detox your body you naturally also start to let go of toxic emotions that have accumulated in the body.

Raw foodists know very well that the experience of emotions are very different on a raw diet than compared to a cooked diet. After most of the toxic emotions have been purified from the body you then start to experience emotions in a whole new way.

When I was eating cooked food emotions seemed to last longer in the body and were less intense- like a slow moving small wave. On a pure raw food diet I feel emotion much more strongly and emotion tends to pass much more quickly than it did while I was eating cooked food. For some people this new stronger- more powerful emotion is hard to cope with- and some actually start eating cooked food in order not to feel these strong emotions. I personally love the increased feeling of emotion because it helps me stay true to my heart. As a raw foodist you can’t do what doesn’t emotionally feel good for a long time because you can’t really hide or mask the emotion under heavy cooked food.

I’m so grateful to have such a strong connection to my emotions- they serve me well they keep me going in the direction that I want to go. To be strongly connected to our emotions is such a great gift as our emotions are our guidance system in life. Our emotions let us know if what we are thinking and what we are doing is really the best thing for us.

Let me give you an example of how increased sensitivity to emotions really can really help take your life to the next level. I- not to long ago- was working an office job doing work that I was skilled in but not something that I was really passionate about- and honestly probably could have stayed there for a lot longer if I my hearts emotions weren’t so strong pulling me to really follow what really made me happy. See I just couldn’t stay there any longer because my emotion was so strong- and only 3 weeks later I can honestly say that my life is many many times better that I made that decision. To be connected strongly to your emotions is such a great gift- by following your emotions you really start to follow a life of bliss- a life of real inspired happiness. The beauty of being a raw foodist is that it becomes so easy to follow your emotions because they become so much more apparent.

A life lived in emotion- following emotion is a great life lived- its a rich vibrant life. A life lived without emotion- in fear of emotion- or with little emotion can be a dull montaneous life in which real happiness and fun has a hard time appearing. It does take courage to start living in emotion- but let me tell you its really worth it- and why not? Why not have a life filled with exciting contrast- vibrancy and newness? Living a life with emotions turned on is like watching a movie in high definition. So I say yes to a life of abundant vibrant emotion.

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