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Upgrade Your Life By Upgrading Your Language

By Wayne Hoover

The words we choose to use have a massive influence on our lives. Our words shape world, they are the tools empower us to greatness. Our words shape our reality so it is important to be aware of how some words effect our life.

There are many upgrades we can make to our language to help us, and one such upgrade is being aware of words that negate and replacing them with the positive verison.

For example think of the well meaning word non-attachment. Non-attachment is the negation of the root word attachment. When you say or think of non-attachment you actually bring the meaning of attachment into your thoughts, creating more attachment.  It’s much better to speak and think that which you choose and not the negation of it.

The negation of the word can’t stop you thinking about the word itself and it’s meaning. By saying non-attachment you are still thinking of attachments, it doesn’t actually explain what it is that you actually choose, it is not clear actually what non-attachment means. It’s like saying don’t think of a pink elephant. You can’t not think of the pink elephant now, even though I said don’t.

If you want to massively upgrade your life and move toward that which you actually choose you have to actively, constitenty, clearly and positively think and say that which you choose.

Negting that which you don’t choose will not get you any closer to what you do choose, you have to state what it actually us because the negation of that lacks the clarity and specificity required to bring anything into your life.

Learing to speak in the positive is a good practive because it also pushes you to think creatively about what it is that you do want.  It’s easy to say I choose to be non-attached, but it is harder to say what that actually means.

To negate what you want is easy, to actually choose what you want in the positive requires creative thought of that which you choose. Negating what you have keeps you in the same place, speaking what you choose moves you towards the thing.

Creating the habit of moving towards what you choose is very powerful and liberating.

State what is that you choose and watch your world start to change toward that.

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