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Benefits to Moving Around A Lot

By Wayne Hoover

For the past 15 years I haven’t lived in one place for longer than two years, If I was to make a guess at the average amount of time I have lived in one place in the last 15 years it would probably be around 5 months. Moving so much has helped me in a lot of unexpected ways.

Moving house so much has helped me really be aware of my possessions and keep them minimal. The longer I stay somewhere the more I tend to accumulate stuff. And while stuff isn’t inherently bad it has been my experience that less stuff means more space for life, more space for experiences and less burden of having to take care of things.

Another positive benefit of moving a lot has been being able to experience lots of different nature, culture, and meet amazing new friends all over. From swimming in waterfalls in Hawaii to going cold plunging in alpine streams in Colorado this world is filled with amazing nature and people, it has been such a blessing to have experienced as many places and met as many people as I have. But living in a place is a different experience than just visiting it for a short period. I have really gotten to know the places that I have lived, traveling slowly and understanding with a depth that comes from being in a place for an extended amount of time.

Moving to a new place has been fulfilling in many ways but in some ways now I feel it’s time to start looking for a couple home base style places to live. A place in Hawaii and maybe a place in Arizona sound good to me now and also a place in Europe so I’m starting to put energy into this now, multiple homes.

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