Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

My ideal day

By Wayne Hoover

My ideal day I wake up early next to a beautiful goddess that I love. I have an uplifting morning practice of meditation, journaling, stretching and work.

My ideal day includes work on my business. I am motivated to work because I want to and because it feels amazing to work on projects that are in alignment with my mind and heart.

My ideal day includes programing and design and marketing our business that we work on together which in turn helps the community that we are growing together.

My ideal day includes inward focused time in meditation, writing, and being physical.

My ideal day includes social time including dance and acroyoga connecting with inspiring people all the time.

My ideal day includes nature and relaxation.

My ideal day is relaxed and calm. I do the things I do with patience and joy.

My ideal day includes much time my twin flame and those that I feel very close to. We live together so this makes it easy.

My ideal day includes dinner I prepare with loved ones.

My ideal day includes time together in community building community.