Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

The Eras Of My Life

By Wayne Hoover

When looking back at my life I can see some distinct eras. These eras are not clearly bound by dates rather they all bleed into each other. Yet, still, I can make out distinct sections of my life, and by doing so I might start to understand myself a bit more and possibly what the next eras might have in store.

Here are the major eras of my life as I see them today, and their major themes. I have named each era given where I was mostly during that time, but some eras I was traveling quite a lot.

The lists above are quick and definitely not finished but they help me remember and get the feeling of those times in my life. As it would be expected, the last era is the hardest for me to abstract themes from because I am in it. And for the future, I have a feeling that a new era is upon me, and I’m excited for it.

Each era carries with it so many beautifully unique places and amazing friends. I feel truly blessed and my heart fills with gratitude to think of all the amazing friends I have in my life. Each era could easily have enough deep soul connections for lifetime. Looking back at my life like this fills me with gratitude, so so much gratitude ❤️.