Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

Busy With Life

By Wayne Hoover

I have been pretty busy these days. Four upper division philosophy classes and helping run meditation club (we set up the website yesterday) and working on the Dhrama Pad with two hours of meditation a day- leaves little room to write. Today we went up to the Burmese monistary in Half Moon Bay for Abhidhamma Day- I esspecially enjoyed the chanting. Everyone is either sleeping now or playing guitar as we were up pretty late last night socializing. This past week has been so full. Every single night something going on- yet every single moment peace. Some noteable events:

1. First full meeting at DP (Phase II)
2. First meeting of meditation club (40+ people)
3. First DP Potluck (~30 people)
4. DP Jam on Mission
5. First full week of school
6. Meditation everyday
7. Dharma Lounge
8. Shasta Sweat trip

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