Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

How we define our world, IS our world

By Wayne Hoover

We have the amazing ability to see anything on any angle that we choose. We can see a computer, or we can see the parts of the computer, or we can see the parts of the parts and so on, until really all we are seeing is energy, then we come to the point where everything we are seeing is consciousness. Everything is ourself.

Eventually we come to the realization that we are creating everything every moment via how we CHOOSE to define our life around us. On a very real level we are creating all of this. All of this is our creation. The more we start to know this, to really experience this, the more and more magical life becomes.

When you ask for fun, fun comes. Because you are creating it. That is the mechanism. You choose to define the things that are happening as fun now, and more and more things are fun.

We have to remember that the primary way we interact with the world isn’t through language. So asking for “fun” in words, say by saying it or writing it down will get you somewhere, but you have to really and experientially see it in your world you have to create it beyond the language.

We get so caught up in our language. Constantly making affirmations and saying them and writing them, but the true affirmation is the being of it, is the experiencing of it, over and over again that is an affirmation.

So say you want to experience fun. Go do something fun, go do that thing and have that experience, then you are affirming that you wan’t more of that and more of that will come into your life.

And this is how we get stuck in manifesting the same thing over and over again too, even if we are saying what we want, writing it down and really believing that we create our reality. It doesn’t mean much if you don’t experience what you want, words are just words but it through experience that we really talk to god.

So begin where you are. Start experiencing what you want however you can get it NOW. If you want to experience money flowing into your bank account, when it does flow in notice that moment, and be really present in that moment, with however much it is. Feel how it came to you. What reason is it flowing to you now? What account is it going into? What are you going to do with the money? And most importantly be really grateful for this.

Being grateful for however something you want is already showing up in your life is very important.

If you can’t see how something you want is already showing up in your life, you will never be able to sustainably have that thing. Because actually everything you can think of is actually in your “life” in some way right now. You might have to extrapolate to the depths of the universe but it is in your life, because well, you are life.