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The power of WHO

By Wayne Hoover

Before starting something new, from a new business, to a new blog, the first question always is; what exactly should I do?

Common advise is to find some pain point for yourself or others and develop a solution to that. But what I have found to be the most powerful for me is to focus on who I want to create for and then let the what come after.

By focusing on the who you start to get clear on the “what” and the “why” while at the same time creating a win win situation for everyone involved.

Who you decide to work with will have a huge impact on your creation. You will be working with the people you decide to serve so it’s important that you like who you are working with.

If you enjoy who you are working with you will naturally do a great job. You will want to put in the extra effort to serve them well, because you like them you will want to see them succeed.

Here are some “who” questions to get yourself going:

Here are some examples I came up with:

I choose to serve:

After getting clear on the “who” we can start to define the “what” based on our skills and passions. A big part of my skills are in web design and programming so I choose to help people amplify their conscious message through the web. Even this blog post is a part of this.

By focusing on who I choose to serve I can tailor my offering specifically for them, creating a cohesive message for my tribe not watered down in generalities. Narrowing down who you focus creates a win win situation for yourself and those that you choose to serve. You can narrow down on their specific pain points (which will probably be yours too) creating a compelling offer just for them. Not only will your offer be great for your tribe, but you will also love working for them.

It’s okay to not know exactly who it is you want to focus on in the beginning. Maybe all you know is that you want to focus on serving people that have enough money to pay for your product, or maybe it is just males 35 or older. Any defining segment is enough to get started with.

Over time you might also change who you decide to serve. You can even choose to serve different people for different projects. Defining who you serve is a helpful guideline, not a hard rule, it will probably change as you gain experience and I find it most helpful especially in the beginning of a project.

So focus on the who first everything else will follow naturally.