Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

On right speech.

By Wayne Hoover

Life excites me. Its all inside I realize this. Its all inside. I must make the time to do the things I do. Life can get to hectic. Its time to narrow down my to-do list. Do what is really needed. I can work- I feel like I can work for days- my capacity to work is really strong. Life is good- because I make it that way. Everyone is doing well it seems- we are all on the up side which is nice. There are so many realizations lately- 10 days of silence- completely in yourself- you get to know what is really going on- your mental habits become so apparent. Be aware. They are always there- right now- what are you thinking what is the habit of your mind- are you really in control? What is really going on here? What is this thing that we call consciousness? This all becomes so apparent once we start to turn the light inward.

One thing that I want to do- is go back through the years I have been posting and find the really good posts and start to post them here. A colloge of my writing from the past 6 or so years. Has it really been that long? I guess so. Thats a lot of words- a lot of writing. One of my gols is to write more- so that is what I am going to do more of. I plan to syndicate this out all over the place- my lj- facebook- who knows who else might stumble upon this. I still haven’t quite decided- I don’t know who my audience is. I want to keep this honest. I want my posts to really truly reflect my state without feeling that I have to leave things out or add things in because of who is reading. I want to practice samma vacca here- that means right speech.

Right speech is truthful speech. It is not leaving things out or adding things in. And this is so hard- it really is- because its so easy to do that when we are concerned about others first. When I put others before myself- then I lie- its a “good lie” I think to myself- its ok- right? Isn’t it? I don’t think so. Its time we started being truthful. Truth workers unite.

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