Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

Profoundly Simple

By Wayne Hoover

Let me tell you the trick to life. Want what you have. Don’t desire anything else but what you have right now. Don’t get caught up in the headlines; the youtube titles, the internet links designed to make you want to click them, as if you what you know right now isn’t enough. “Click me to find out 5 top healing foods that will change your life,” titles like that are made to make you desire to click them. They are made to make you feel like what you know right now isn’t enough. Same with advertising, to make you want a product. People are the same way, sometimes they act in certain ways to make you want to love them, to make you want to want them. It’s very tricky these psychological games we all play on each other.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter, because what you have right now is perfect, its absolutely perfect what you have right now, you don’t need anything else. You don’t need to check Facebook, you don’t need to call your friend, you don’t need to go to the gym, you don’t need to do anything. you also don’t need to know anything else. Right now in this moment you are and you being just simply being is perfect, there is nothing else that needs to be done at this moment.

People all your life have been telling you, teaching you, that this moment isn’t enough, you need to learn this thing, go to that school, get this job, make this money, its all about the future future future. You need to climb that mountain, you need to be able to handstand, you need to be able to do this thing. Then you start to tell yourself similar things as you start to look for meaning in your life.

Your quest for meaning becomes a quest for ticking boxes. Travel to this country, travel to that country, make this amount of money, have a baby, find a lover or two or three at once, find ‘the one,’ become a millionaire, These things we tell ourself that if I achieve that thing then I will have meaning in my life.

So meaning becomes about attaining something, attaining anything, it could be mental like learning a language, or physical like doing a handstand pushup, whatever it is, this is what we do so we can have some meaning in our lives, because its always there, we get older and older and its always there nagging at us, what is this life about, what am I doing with my life? Have I lived a good life? Will I be happy? Am I happy? How do I get happy? What is the meaning of it all? So we search and we try and fill it with all these things to get.

But, in the end, its so much more simple than that. Its been here all along. Your meaning exists right now, there isn’t anything you have to do, there is nothing you have to get, nothing you have to be, its just existing right this moment always with you, closer than anything else.

It’s just profoundly simple. Once we start to live in this moment, we naturally start to change, things that where once important no longer are. There is a huge sense of release, of not caring anymore. It doesn’t matter anymore what you can do, where you are or what experiences you have had, because you already have what you are looking for. Life becomes really magical because every second is filled, absolutely filled with meaning and joy. There isn’t anything left to do anymore, there isn’t anywhere you have to be, no one you have to talk to. Life is magical just as it is.

It’s profoundly simple.