Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

The future is only a concept

By Wayne Hoover

Forget trying to figure out the future, it will happen when it happens. Whatever is going on right now just do that.

You don’t have to figure out the future, you don’t have to figure out your life plan, and you can’t. Just be present to what you are doing right now. If you have obligations now, great meet them, or not, but don’t worry about it, flow with it.

Don’t worry about what you are going to do in the future, it’s not of that much importance really. When you need to make a decision you will make the best decision ever, but right in this moment do you need to make a decision? If yes make it, otherwise do you need to worry about the future?

Do you think you’ll know better now or in three months that decision that you have to make in three months? So why fret about a decision you have to make is three months now? When you have to decide something, decide it now. This way you can practice being present, making decisions from the present moment where there is infinite knowledge!

Would you rather make a decision from limited knowledge that your brain can process, or use the full processing capability of your body by feeling into the present moment? So you don’t need to worry about the future. Just be present to what you are feeling right now. What are you feeling right now? Notice that and make decisions from that, then you start to strengthen that part of you, that intuitive part of you, and your decisions start to become more in line with what you really want, and the synchronicities start to happen and everything you want starts to come even faster. Such is life when you stop using your small mind and start using your big mind.