Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

Real Choice

By Wayne Hoover

What is choice? Do you feel you have choice? Is choice really alive in you- or do you feel like your just kinda walking through life in a half awake state- kinda choosing things but mostly just following the rules?

Most of us go about our days in a haze of half choice- not really choosing in the deepest sense of word. We are to locked in by our rules- rules we have inherited from teachers- governments and mostly rules we have told our self about who we are.

Most of us have pretty defined days where we wake up around the same time- do pretty much the same thing for work come home and do pretty same night time things and finally go to sleep. Finally sleep- yes sleep- that is where the soul can be free of the choice-less monotony of everyday life and do some real choosing. There is a difference between living a life where the only choices you make each day is weather to eat a Cesar salad or a veggie salad- or weather to watch channel 11 or channel 7 on TV tonight. This isn’t choice this is sleep walking.

We can live our lives in full choice and our souls can sing in choice all day if we allow ourselves to relax into it.

Relax into what? Relax into the knowingness that everything is OK- that you don’t need to be doing anything- you don’t need to have anything- and that there are no ultimate restrictions placed on you. The only restrictions placed on you are the ones that you put there yourself.

For some people- myself included- this sounds a bit hard to do; completely let go and relax… What about my bills- my food- my agreements- my- my- my you name it. I think that’s why its good to start integrating more choice in your life slowly. You might want to try experimenting with this for about a half hour a day- or maybe more.

Begin to allow yourself to just be- to start to float in real choice. Allow yourself to be your deepest choice for a bit each day. And see how things start to change in your life- see what happens to all those things that keep you from really letting go into full choice all the time. Just try it out- and see how it works.

Real choice. Its a beautiful thing. Dwell in it. Become it. Watch Truth.