Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

The new science and technology

By Wayne Hoover

Science thinks that it can create objectivity- but it can’t. No matter what there are always other influences acting upon the study of science. Science thinks that it can take everything into account- but it can never completely isolate everything.This is why all science is mostly just a numbers game- they figure that if they have enough data that matches a specific pattern then they have a pattern that is true.

Test- test- test- and aggregate the results.

But what better do we have? Science is trying to understand the world around us by taking it apart. By studying the outside. But this method is slow- tedious- and never fully correct. There is really only one way to completely understand the world- and that is to turn within.

From inside all the mysteries of the world become clear. All the problems of science become solved. A new technology will then come about- one that does not depend on external things- but one that is concerned with internal things.

All our external technology- like computers- cars- etc- will be like that of childs play once we begin to master our internal technology. In fact our external technology is just trying to mirror us what already exists internally.

Cell phones are just a mirror of all our innate ability to communicate with anyone on the earth at any time through our own internal power.

The internet is an external manifestation of all of our complete interconnectedness- and our ability to access the whole of all of history at any time.

But this switch will take some time. Science will need to shift its focus from the external to the internal. And this switch is happening- in physics for example the importance of the observer is key to quantum mechanics.

We can start the new technology by first asking ourselves- what is actually internal? What is internal? What is external?

Questions like these make me want to stop writing and start meditating. Because I don’t believe that that question can be answered in words. Words always leave questions unanswered. Meditation seems to be the only place I get a solid understanding of what I am questioning on. For it is in meditation that I experience the answer.

I believe that the new science will not be one of endless tests and words- but one of meditation and experience.

We will quickly reach technological heights only before dreamed about- once mankind begins to stop dissecting the world outside- quiets down- and starts to look inside.