Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

Your primary emotion

By Wayne Hoover

What is your primary emotion you are living life from? Is it fear based or love based? Are you making your choices based on your love or based on your fear?

A growing number of people today are beginning to live their lives from a place of love. Not doing what they don’t like but doing what they do in fact like.

It seems simple but most people live their lives doing what they think they have to do out of fear. Fear that they won’t have enough money- fear that they will be fat- fear that they won’t be loved- fear motivates them.

Your primary motivation is important because it dictates your state of being- your overall energy that you put into something. First of all when you do something out of fear it’s just not going to produce the same results as if you did it out of love- the fear based action simply won’t be that good- this should be obvious why.

Secondly when you are making your decisions from fear you are bound not to feel that good because you are afraid- it doesn’t feel good to be afraid this creates stress in the mind and body and leads to degeneration and unhappiness.

Thirdly- and most important- decisions made from fear hold you back from your true purpose on this earth. Your true purpose are decisions made from love and ultimately help the betterment of all of mankind. True abundance and happiness comes to us when we start to make our decisions from a place of love.

When you do what you do not because you are scared of what might happen if you don’t but because you are overjoyed with the idea of actually doing it then you are living a life of joy. You will be happy- abundant and the whole world will benefit.

So right now tap into your volition in this moment- are you acting out of fear or are you acting out of love?

Fear ultimately brings death. Love ultimately brings life.

Death doesn’t have to be unhappy though- one can transcend fear and love and reach a plane of non-duality where everything just is- perfect as it is- and there is no consequence of the primary emotion on the happiness of the being. This is peace. Fear doesn’t have to cause stress. This is mastery of the mind. From this state actions simply arise.