Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

The Words We Use

By Wayne Hoover

The words we use everyday shape your vibration, they shape our world. When we use words that are negative the world around us will be negative. If your words are neutral your world is neutral, if your words are positive then your world is positive.

Your words are literally vibrations that effect the environment around you, for something that we all do all the time we will do the best when our words are the best. The words you use constantly send energy vibrations through your environment. The meanings of the words matter, as does the tone of the words we use. If we use positive meaning words but have a negative tone, they are not going to help us much.

It keeps getting more and more subtle, all the way to our thoughts. In fact it is our thoughts in which our words manifest, they are the seed of our words and are the prime creative energy in which we create our reality, and it is from our thoughts that our words come.

Our words are like slowed down thoughts, they are a little more physical a little more “real” in that sense. And like anything that has more mass, words have more inertia behind them. So it can be harder to change our habits with our words. It really takes a change in the habits of our thoughts, but sometimes our thoughts are so fast and elusive that it can be easier to notice our words and begin to change them there, by making the intention to change the habit of our words we will begin to change the habit of our thoughts to match. Though changing your thought habits through forms meditation are a great way of changing your word patterns.

Our words are important in shaping the world around us. We manifest that which we talk about. One way or another what we are always talking about will manifest around us.

Why does this happen? Why do words have such a huge impact on our world? Because the more we say something the more we are alike it, we are alike it because we begin to believe that which we constantly tell ourselves and others around us. The more we believe it the more we start to vibrate on the same level as that which we are believing. We start to become that which we believe and we start to believe that which we say. This all comes down to the most basic rule of the universe: like attracts like.

You attract more of that same energy vibration into your life that you constantly speak. Notice the energy vibration of your speech. How is your speech effecting the world around you. Is it making you feel good? Is it bringing in good things to your life? Notice the words that you use and how they make you feel.

Some words are more effective than other words. Personal, Direct, Positive, Concise, Clear, Specific, Emotional words are superior.

When we speak, when we write, we will use words that have a positive direct impact on ourselves and our world.