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The number one obstacle to being in the flow

By Wayne Hoover

Thinking blocks us from accessing the full potential of the present moment. In other words- thinking is the number one obstacle to being in the flow.

Thoughts are the major obstacle in our personal development. To truly reach our full potential in the moment we must stop thinking. Granted sometimes thinking is necessary- for example when you are figuring out what bus to take home- but most of the time it is not- it just gets in the way.

Thinking clutters our perception of the moment to such a degree that we end up failing at what we are trying to do. People have a phrase for this they call it “being distracted-” but the problem is that most people are distracted from their full potential for most of their life.

When we identify with our thoughts we loose touch of the reality of the present moment because we are stuck thinking about something else and that something else is not what is going on NOW. So when we begin to think we begin to loose touch with the truth of what is happening in the moment. Our thoughts block us from accessing the present moment and doing what we set out to do.

You are either thinking or you are doing. To try and do both is bound for disaster you probably won’t do either that well. This type of logic reminds me of David Allen– as he talks a lot about how he only has to think some small amount of time each week or day- I think he says something like 30 minutes a day is all the time he spends thinking- “and thats it.” When he thinks- he thinks well- he is sure that by the time he is done thinking he will have set out all that he has to do for the day- all he has to do is look at his lists.

And thats the crux of it. We really don’t have to think as much as we do- we really don’t. We can figure out everything we need to do in a day- in a week- in a month- in a relatively short amount of time based on our goals. And then we can spend the day without thinking about what to do- or where we are going- or how to do it- because we don’t need to- we either know the information already- or we will access it when we need to- that it. This is a process of eliminating all the excess thoughts we have.

And of course there will be puzzles for you to figure out as the day progresses- but the less thought we have about how to figure them out the faster these puzzles will get solved. The more thought you put into thinking about how to figure something out- the less you are actually figuring it out. In fact how does one figure something out in the first place? Probably not through thought! Remember the last time you figured something out- it just kind of “came to you” right? Thats exactly what I am talking about here- you don’t have to think to come to conclusions- you just have to be quiet and move the thinking aside so the answer can come to you.

All the great inventions and art humanity has given birth to have not come through thinking- but through the absence of thinking. Nothing but war and politics come about from thinking.

Free your mind- get in touch with what is beyond thoughts and where intuition and direct knowledge abide.

In sum-
Stop thinking- and enjoy.

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