Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

The Source of All Power

By Wayne Hoover

When you are tapped into the present moment- all things flow to you- all things. Yet the moment we start to try to brings things to use we loose our ability to stay grounded in the present moment- and therefor loose our ability to bring things to us.

Trying means that we are yearning- which really means we aren’t quite in the present moment we are thinking about how we can get something in the future.

Yet when we are truly and fully in the present moment we become like extremely strong magnets that attract all those things into our life exactly that which we want- without trying.

The more we dwell in the present the more we start to see that which we want is that which we have. Gratitude is inherent in this space- again we do not have to try and be grateful- we are inherently grateful in the present moment. When we are present- and we look around we see that all we want is here right now and gratitude can not help but flow.

It feels good to be present- it feels really good.

Feelings Felt in Presence

When we are present we feel directly- without the confusion or need of words. When feelings are felt in the present moment- they are not labeled- they are felt fully for what they are and we get the sense that they are felt much more deeply. When we are not that present we usually feel feelings like how someone might touch water with their tows in the water before going in a pool. When we are present- when we are fully here- with our self- now- its like we are plunging into the water. Your whole body feels. Its not an intellectual word game anymore- your not feeling “grateful” or “happy ” or “joyful” (words) you ARE the essence of gratitude- you are happiness- felt. When we are present we feel without labels.

To feel without the mental chatter- feels freakin good. Even if its a “bad” feeling- a feeling felt totally for what it is fully is amazing. Its the joy of being human that we can feel- and feel so deeply. Again its obvious that gratitude is fundamental to the present moment. To be grateful is to be present- and to be present is to be grateful.

These words that I use to describe the present moment- like gratitude- really don’t mean anything by themselves- and in themselves they are empty and hold no value at all. Value is in the present moment. Value is felt- and somehow if these letter combinations help you feel the value of the present moment- they have done their job in my eyes. Letters- words- sounds- really everything is an invitation to the power of the present moment. I trust that these words will help you feel the now- and its power.

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