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Three Excellent New Paradigm Business Leaders

By Wayne Hoover

Timothy Ferris’ simple yet in some ways groundbreaking book the four hour work week made the idea of a cheap to set up internet business an extremely viable path for many- his book and blog have some very clever ideas on time management and business. What I like about Tim is that he really practices what he preaches- his blog now a days is mostly him just having fun and making cool business deals on the side: The Four Hour Work Week

Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush It: Why now is the time to cash in on your passions is an amazing book on the necessity of building your personal brand now because business is shifting to a predominantly online world. Gary’s rise to fame is his WineLibaryTV where he just does what he loves; talks about wine- and makes a business out of it.

I was pleasantly surprised by Jonathan Mead’s the Zero Hour Work Week ebook- its my style; direct and full of helpful ideas and resources; its a very how-to e book that doesn’t get bogged down in the specifics. Its free and totally worth checking out. Its key concepts are: Doing what you love- finding and speaking to your tribe- providing value- motivation- and has some great case studies- very well done. His blog the Illuminated Mind is a great place to find new age business material and yet another example of someone doing what they love and crushing it.

So what do these three blogs have in common? They all make a case of living your passion and using the leverage of the internet to build a profitable business.

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