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To Be Present is to Create Vibrations of Abundance

By Wayne Hoover

The difference between thoughts of abundance- thoughts of scarcity and their relation to desire and staying present.

I have made it a practice lately to be mindful of my thoughts. To me this means watching my thoughts- not labeling them as good or bad thoughts but just noticing my thoughts and everything else that goes along with them in that moment. This practice has been very fruitful for me.

For example- I have noticed that when I have desirous thoughts I loose track of the moment (as I explained in what we want clouds what is) but even more I have come to see that my desirous thoughts create vibrations of scarcity around me. So what does vibrations of scarcity mean? Well basically- It has been my experience that the thoughts I have eventually manifest around me. It has been useful for me to classify my thoughts as those that lead to abundance and those that lead to scarcity. By watching my thoughts I have noticed that when I am thinking about what I want- what I desire- or what I don’t have- I am thinking in terms of scarcity or lack. To desire I must think about what I don’t have first- thoughts of desire are rooted in scarcity.

Thoughts of desire are rooted in scarcity. Thoughts of abundance can never come from desire. And by abundance I don’t mean thoughts of what I want that would make me abundant- because those are just thoughts of desire of scarcity again.

What I mean by thoughts of abundance are thoughts that are true to the abundance of the present moment- thoughts that have no traces of desire. Examples of thoughts of abundance include thoughts of gratitude- content thoughts- clear present thoughts. Usually thoughts of abundance don’t have much logic behind them- they tend to be self evident. Abundance thoughts are very present thoughts. Its how the world is working right now- what is going on right now. Truly abundance is– it is the moment.

Scarcity isn’t. Scarcity is always something that is yet to come- something that might come- something that the mind is afraid of- something that either was in the past or something that could come in the future. But scarcity is never now. Desire can never be fulfilled now because if it could there would be no reason desire it. Desire and lack are always something that must be satisfied sometime in the future. Desire can only be fulfilled in the future- it is the nature of desire- thoughts of this nature take us out of the present moment and send out vibrations of scarcity.

Abundance is. Abundance is what is present at this moment. Whatever is going on now is what we are abundant to. Thoughts of abundance are focused on the present moment- noticing what we have- right now. Thoughts of abundance are not rooted in desire- they are rooted in what is- in being content- in peace.

By being present we are sending out vibrations of abundance. By having thoughts of desire we loose track of the present moment and send out vibrations of scarcity by focusing on what we don’t have. We have the choice to create whatever vibration we want- we can consciously choose either vibrations of lack or vibrations of abundance. Just remember that thoughts of desire are rooted in vibrations of lack furthermore to desire is to not be present- it is to be concerned with the past or future.

To choose abundance in your life is to choose the moment- it is to let go of desires.

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