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Why you should read this blog

By Wayne Hoover

Tonight I was struck thinking about what to fill this blog up with. Maybe it actually started this morning when I got word that my friend wanting to dissociate himself with for a hosted blog– stating the word “bliss” as a primary reason. Or maybe its these two posts that talk about how to be a an exceptional blogger. In todays environment its not just enough to provide “good” content- to stand out these days you need to provide “exceptional” high quality content- and honestly I believe this is a good thing. I want to read high quality articles- there is to much chaff out there already. I also desire to produce high quality articles- hell yea I do!

So I brought this question to two of my housemates- and one of the first questions asked of me was- “Well what do you want to do with this blog?” to which I answered “I desire to help people.” Or in other words to provide quality information for people. The counter question asked was- help who?. And to this I answered something like- “those people who are searching for something more outside of conventional society. Those people who have had enough of the normal way of living life and want to try something different. People who are looking for happiness and have realized that there is something seriously wrong with the way our society tells them that happiness may be found.” In sum- I am writing for those who gravitate towards an alternative lifestyle.

Naturally the question then became- why would those consciously bound want to read what I have to say? Quickly- I knew- to help open minds. To show those who understand the huge range of bliss giving activities that are possible outside of the norm of our culture. In other words- I am writing to show those who are beginning their search- or those who have already begun- what might be possible on their journey.

For example did you know:

Do you know how:

So I obviously have a wide variety of alliterative information to share- and I am highly skilled in technology. So writing a high quality blog seems like a perfect fit for my skill set.

In sum. The questions asked and the answers received:

  1. Why am I writing a blog?
    –To help others.

  2. Who am I writing for?
    –Those who seek an alternative lifestyle.

  3. Why should they read my blog?
    –Because I can open their minds to new possibilities.

I am writing for all those who want play a role in the current paradigm shift. I won’t say that I have all the answers- but I have a hell of a lot of energy.

Life is fucking amazing. There is no time to waste. Bliss is now.

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