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Accomplish More In Less Time with Wu Wei

By Wayne Hoover
Winter Velvet
Winter Velvet” by ebergcanada.

Wu Wei which is usually translated as action through inaction is one of my favorite Taoist terms. Understanding this simple- yet profound- idea has helped me focus on those areas of my life that are most important and yield the most results. Let me explain how by not doing those things that are unimportant and don’t lead to the accomplishment of your goals you are actually doing more than if you did them.

When you take the time not do unimportant things you actually accomplish more than if you took action on those unimportant things. By not doing that which is not in line with your goals you are actually creating much more time and space to do that which is in line with your goals; there is plenty of action in inaction. By consciously choosing not to do those things that are not in line with your goals you are creating the life you want to live- you are practicing Wu Wei – action through inaction- you are becoming extremely efficient. Many people think that to be more efficient you have to accomplish more in less time- but my view of efficiency is accomplishing less in less time- or in other words accomplishing those items which are vitally important to your goals and nothing else.

By choosing not to take action on those things that are not in alignment with your goals you are actually doing more than if you did them and also that by having more time in your life.

Another important reason to do less is that it gives you time to meditate on that which is really important to you. Its very important that we realize what our goals are so we can build a solid foundation for our life.

In our modern world of to-do lists- agendas- calendars- etc- its vitally important that we set apart time everyday for inaction- by doing nothing we learn that which is most important and do just that. Accomplish those things that are only important to your goals and watch your real productivity increase.

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