Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

Be happy NOW! :)

By Wayne Hoover

The key to your happiness can not be found in the future. The future does not exist. There is nothing out there- out side of this moment- that can bring you happiness. Nothing.

At first this thought might sound a bit strange. Most people are constantly tricking themselves out of happiness now- they are constantly telling themselves that they will be happy when you get your new car- or your new house- or your new computer- or even when you reach a certain wait- or have a depth of knowledge or anything. Basically most people are telling themselves that they can’t be happy now- they can only be happy in the future when some goal reached or physical object attained.

Most people predicate goal achievement with happiness- and therefor give up their ability to be happy now.

Happiness is our natural state. The present moment requires nothing of us- we are complete- always. It is our constant turning away from the present moment- which creates our unhappiness.

By constantly telling yourself that you can’t be happy until some future event you are engraining the pattern of unfulilment into yourself. This is very easy to do because we live in a society where most everyone is unfulfilled most of the time.

We are all so unfufilled most of the time because we have strong habits of constantly telling ourself that we can’t be happy- that we can’t be fulfilled- until some event in the future.

The problem with this thinking is that once this future event comes- it doesn’t last! It doesn’t last because we have created such a strong habit of being unfufilled- of looking to the future for happiness. So the moment that we get what thought would make us happy is the moment that we start looking for something else in the future to make us happy again.

Our habit of looking to the future for happiness is really incedious- it is hard to notice because it is so prevelent- yet at the same time this habit- this nerosis- creates the most suffering for people on this planet.

Inherently somewhere deep within us though- we know- that we can be happy- right now in this moment. No matter what I have- or where I am- or what is going on with me I can be happy right now. This resonates with people deeply- and this is probably why so many get rich quick- or instant health and instant etc products are on the market today- and why they sell very very well. Because when we hear that we can instantly be rich- or free of disease- or free of hunger- something rings true for us- it feels good to believe that.

It feels good to believe that because its true! It is true! YOU CAN BE HAPPY RIGHT NOW. In fact it can be far more instant than any get rich quick product. All it takes is the conscious awareness of your actions and thoughts.

Realize that everytime you tell yourself that you are going to be happy sometime in the future you are doing yourself a huge injustice by strengthening the belief that your happiness is dependent on something outside of yourself.

Your happiness is not dependent on anything outside of yourself. Your happiness can only exist now in this present moment! In fact everything can only- and does only- exist in this present moment.

So the key is to start being happy now. Start to look for things that you can be happy about in your life RIGHT NOW- at this very moment what are you happy about? Focus on that and continue to focus on that- constantly focus on what you are happy about now. Constantly continue to keep your awareness on this present moment and what you are happy about RIGHT NOW.

When you start to think that something or someone or some event is going to make you happy in the future- forget- and return to this moment- and what makes you happy right now.


Some people might ask me- “What about goals- and agendas- and things like that? Are you saying that I should not set goals for myself?”

No. I am not saying never set a goal and never think about the future. I am saying don’t believe that anything you ever achieve in the future will ever make you happy- because it won’t. The only thing that can you bring you lasting happiness is a strong steady focus on the present moment and all that you are happy for right now. Happiness starts now- happiness starts in the only place anything can start- and that is now. To predicate your happiness on any future event is bound to make you unhappy- by doing this you are essentially telling yourself that you can not be happy now- you are denying yourself your true nature for something that does not exist yet.

“But what will motivate me to act? If I am always finding happiness in the present moment- or if I stop thinking that the future will bring me happiness- what will motivate me?”

Motivation is a beautiful thing. Motivation is creation. When we as a society stop motivating ourself with external objects we will start to tap into the prime motivation- our TRUE motivation. Our true motivation is usually characterized as “your bliss” or in the saying “follow your heart”. This is your true motivation- it is a guidance from within. True motivation is inspired action- it arises from a place beyond that of seeking material reward. True motivation simply arises. When one follows ones true motivation it is not because one feels motivated from any material reward- but because one feels and knows that it is the best thing for him to do. His heart mind and soul align for him to complete his true motivation.

As long as we are living we are creating- as long as we are living we will have motivation to do something. We can never not do anything- when we are happy in the present moment- we will be following our true motivation- not out of fear- not out of expectation for some reward- but because it is what feels right to do.

The key to doing what you are truly motivated to do- is to first stop doing those things that you are not truly motivated to do. The key to doing what you love is to stop doing what you don’t love. Start focusing on your current happiness- on those things that make you happy now.

More will be written on motivation in the future. But remember- when you start thinking that anything will bring you happiness in the future- it won’t. Remember that to be happy- you must start being happy now- build within yourself your own happiness now.

Much love-
-Wayne :)

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