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The importance of clear goals

By Wayne Hoover

Are you doing what you love? Do you feel so motivated that you can’t wait to get up in the morning and get to it?

Or do you feel bored and uninspired?

When we are uninspired we begin to unconsciously let others tell us what to do. We start to create by default- or we create based on what other people tell us to create.

If you don’t have a clear idea what it is you want then it can only be a short time until someone else starts to tell you what you should want and what you should do. Usually this comes in the form of advertisements via the media- and sometimes it comes from friends or family who while meaning well- are just filling your head with their own desires- not yours.

Without clear goals you can’t blame anyone else but yourself for leading an uninspired life.

Get clear on what you want! Think about this- on an average day how much time do you spend doing what you have decided to based on your goals verses on much time you spend doing something out of boredom- a feeling of fear based on what others tell you you must do?

Working for others we forget what really inspires us. Our lack of clarity manifests itself when we start to create based on the clarity of others- we create what others want us to create because we are not clear enough on what we want to create ourselves.

We must be absolutely clear what our goals are if we are to lead an inspired life.

We have to really work on that which we want and that which we want only.

We have to give our goals 100% of our focus and continually say NO to the desires of others- this is the only way that we can begin to lead an inspired life- one in which we are absolutely loving and deeply inspired each and every moment to live in! A life in which every moment is sacred and fulfilled. Your life inspired is SO much better than your life uninspired.

Basically it all comes down to this. Are you going to get clear on what inspires you? Or are you just going to do what others tell you you should be inspired to do?

Are you going to lead an inspired life in which you are loving each and every moment- or are you going to lead a life in which you work for others feeling uninspired- stressed- and bored?

So get clear on what inspires you. Get clear on what it is that you truly want to be doing with your time. And just start doing it. Start slow if you must- but you MUST start NOW.

-Wayne :)

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