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How to create massive amounts of abundance in your life

By Wayne Hoover

They joy of giving.

It really feels good to give. It really does- for some reason our society has really hidden the fact- the absolute fact- that the more you give the more you get. Our society doesn’t really value generosity- our society quietly pushes values of greed.

Everything begits more of itself. So greed begits more greed. For a second now lets think about what greed is- and what it feels like.

Greed feels very contracting to me. There is a fear based element to greed for sure- fear that you must contract in order to save- this feeling of greed doesn’t feel very good at all- its a scary place- not pleasant at all.

Now lets feel into generosity. True generosity feels good- it feels abundant and expanding. It feels like there is plenty and that I can easily give- there is so much to go around It feels good to be giving. To be giving there is no trace of fear. I am giving and it feels good- I have nothing to worry about.

The feeling of generosity feels amazing. I love the way that generosity feels- (true generosity that is). Greed feels bad. Really it is that simple- take the time to feel it out yourself- greed doesn’t feel good and generosity does feel good.

Not only does generosity feel good but by practicing generosity you receive so much. When you give more and more flows to you- because that is the energy of generosity- flow and abundance. But when you take and are in the energy vibration of greed- more and more of that flows to you- contraction and lack.

So if you want a lot of abundance in your life be generous- and equally as true- if you want a lot of lack in your life be greedy.

But like I said earlier- its not that easy to be generous in a society that teaches you from a little age that to get what you want you must take.

It is actually a very short sighted way to see reality. You might actually get what you want through greed- but you won’t actually get what you want in the long term. You might physically get what you want in that moment- but by taking without giving- you create the energy vibration around you of taking- the vibration of lack. Other than not feeling good at all- being greedy doesn’t actually give you want you are really after- which is abundance which is things flowing to you without much effort- and being in a place where there there is no lack.

You can’t live in a place of abundance while still living in a place of lack. Greed necessitates lack- there is no greed without the feeling that there is not enough- that there must be withholding. Giving necessitates abundance- there is no giving without the feeling that there is enough.

So if you really want to create abundance around you- give. Give and don’t give because you are feeling lack and feel like you must give to create abundance in your life- that is just greed masquerading as generosity- but even so it is a good place to start :) .

Be generous give and you will surly get- give without feelings of want in return- and watch your life fill with abundance. As that is truly the energy state you want to create around you- one of abundance- one in which you can give and not worry- one in which giving is second nature- this is the only way abundance was ever created and is the only way abundance will ever be created- through giving.

So when that urge to be greedy comes up- remember generosity serves you so much more than greed. Honor your urge to hold- bring awareness to your fears and just remember that you don’t have to be afraid- you are creating the energy vibration of abundance through your generosity- and you can’t help but attract more- much more- abundance into your life.

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