Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State


By Wayne Hoover

Everything changes. Its quite the nature of this plane of existence. It all changes- and thats quite fine… or is it? What does it mean to be fine? To be OK with change seems to entertain a certain amount of peace within me. But sometimes I am not OK with the change. Sometimes I look back at the past in my minds eye and I can’t help but cry because of all the amazing things that have happened. And its all so gradual… its all a really gradual slope in which you can’t really see the change happening until you remember that one moment in time- and you compare it to this one. Thats always where sentimentality builds for me.

Its that the past happened- and its over- and the moments that were had. Its so amazing those times- and I want to share them- but I can’t- they are over. Its the past- it already happened- and now all I have are my memories- and thats a little sad for me. Its sad because I can’t share them- or I even worse I might forget them and I do- then I remember and I think; “my god- what a time that was.” Or “what a great guy.” and you know there is just so much- because its all changing still because I can go back to that place and I can meet that guy again- but they are different- its always different. I get sentimental because its different. But thats the way the ball rolls- so what can I say. Its done. And I am here in the present moment.

There are no problems in the present- they only exist in the past and future- in our heads- in our words- in our thoughts- and in the meanings we give things. Problems along with all other thoughts are inherently empty and all that really exists is this very moment now. And thats nice. Thats peace.

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