Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

Everything happens perfectly

By Wayne Hoover

If I listed all the synchronicities that has happened in the last couple days I could fill volumes. Because when you are living- truly living your life- every moment becomes a synchronicity. When you are truly following your heart- when everything you do brings you rapture you are living in the moment- you are living in synchronicity. The moment brings you there- your heart is the guide. Stand up and live! Take a step outside of your comfort zone and wake up. Always keep yourself on the edge. Always pushing yourself. But really all you have to do is keep mediating. I have found- this is the only thing that we really need to do- everything else follows. When you mediate you align with your higher nature- and you become that- and you know exactly what to do- and the more you do what you know to do the more happier you become. Happiness begets more happiness with gratitude. Life is so GOOD! Its always like this- all the time. Its our natural state. Its natural to be in bliss. Access it NOW! In this moment awaits all.—Last weekend I watched fireworks in the american town of Sonoma- while surrounded by love. In Santa Clara I was guided to even more love- talking all night with tea about the moment. Meditating all day- and jacuzzi at night. Everything works out so perfectly! Back home and everything is so sublime. Friends around- meditation- god this is really bliss. Graduated college and truly living the life that I always wanted to live. Doing exactly what I want to do. So much love. There is so much love in my life- it brings a tear to my eye. I am so grateful. I am so grateful- tears drop down my eyes for how perfect every little thing is. Friends are convening. Oh my god. Thank you! 

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