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Do What You Want Now!

By Wayne Hoover

When I was living in Hawaii my good friend Nick Good turned me on to the word Hawaiian word manawa. Literally translated mana means power and wa means now. Manawa is a way of interacting with life- to me it means “do it now!” It reminds me of this blog post where this lady asked when she was going to find the time to write her script and Chad basically just replied “figure it the fuck out.” I like the strength in that statement- it takes some serous mana- some serious fucking power to start doing what you want.

We are beings of habit- the law of inertia might have well been applied to humans too- because once we start doing something we tend to keep doing that. And really we started doing what we didn’t want to at a very early age- it was called school and you had to get up at ridiculously early times and do homework and things like that. And so began our movement away from doing what we wanted. Maybe after 12 to 20 years of school we finally come out with such a strong inertia towards doing what we don’t want that its actually pretty hard to stop doing what we don’t want.

It takes a healthy dose of mana to start doing what you want- but soon you will gain an inertia around doing what you want too. Ultimately in the end its all divine because to go through the cycle of finding yourself doing what you don’t want- then developing the power to do what you want- and then to finally find yourself with enough inertia that you are always doing what you want is quite a beautiful experience. This experience of re-finding yourself is probably why most of us have incarnated as humans- to experience that cycle- but I degrees.

Manawa really means that the power only exists NOW to take action. Now is forever and always the only time that exists– if you are going to do what you want it has to be done now- not later- but now. There is no time to waste. There is no future events that need to happen first.

I’m reminded of a recent gathering we were having at our house- everyone was happily being- talking- playing music- eating raw chocolate- it was quite nice. And my friend and housemate Anna said something that really struck me- she said something like “This is what I always imagined I would be doing when I was famous.” And while Anna is pretty famous already- I understood what she meant. She thought that it would take her being really rich and having a big house and all these other things that she told herself she had to have and do before she could start doing what she wanted- but here she was- not having all these things she thought she needed first- she was just doing what she wanted now!

Manawa if you want something- its best to take action towards it now. Now is the time. Figure it the fucking out- just do it- now. Manawa is really a frame of mind- a state of being- where there are no excuses there is just this moment- you are either doing what you want or you are not.

What are you doing right now?

Much love-
-W :)

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