Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

Finding Deep Happiness Now

By Wayne Hoover

There is actually an awareness- a beingness that is behind the activity of the mind. That beingness is ever present- and to remember our ever present connectedness to this awareness brings a tremendous amount of peace.

The awareness that I talk about is what you experience your emotions in- what you experience your thoughts in- and what you experience all your experience in- it is beingness itself.

To remember that behind all of the things that we define ourself as- that we think “make us up.” Behind all of the things that we experience and label as ME- like thoughts of being someone specific- or even emotions of happiness or sadness- BEHIND and THROUGHOUT all of these things rests a fundamental awareness that is ever present. To remember this- to remember that there is actually an awareness that holds our thoughts- feelings- and everything that we experience- is when a deep understanding and truth is revealed- this can not be described easily- or completely- it is best if it is experienced.

Its funny to ask someone to experience this state- because that seems to imply that they are not already experiencing it now- yet they are.

When the activity of our mind- or the feelings of our body- or our sense perceptions start to become identified as who you are- a duality is created- with duality happiness and suffering result.

The beautiful- amazing- awe inspiring thing about reality is that for duality to exist- it must exist in pure singularity- and in pure singularity there is such a deep awe inspiring joy and peace I cry in gratitude in realization that it is the most fundamental.

If this is all to abstract let me explain through analogy:
Think of our thoughts- our emotions- our sense perceptions as the crayons in a coloring box- for us to begin to draw with the colors we must have a blank peace of paper. As we color on the paper it is as if we are experiencing life- we are having this emotion- or that thought- or these sense perceptions. As life goes by and our colors have filled up the whole paper we begin to forget what even makes all this coloring possible in the first place- it is the paper underneath. Underneath the colors there is a paper that holds all that is completely open and always present no matter what colors are there. This paper is like our awareness- our true beingeness- in which everything that we experience happens in through- and around.

To connect with our deep sense of awareness brings joy. It brings us so much peace and joy because it is whole- it is complete. It is fulfilling. It is what we most deeply want and strive for. It is fulfilling beyond words. It feels like home… You know how sometimes when you have been gone awhile and you get back home you feel this warm fuzzy feeling- you feel safe- connected- back again- its kinda like that- only more profoundly life altering.

Whats so amazing is that this state is always with us- we don’t even have to go looking for it. Its always with us. Our deepest home is ever present- behind all our experiences- to remember the paper under the colors- and to experience this deep awareness under it all- we are happy. We are home.


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