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Why there can be no absolute moral system

By Wayne Hoover

I have a strong sense of what is right- but I don’t believe that what is right for me is right for everyone. My moral system is unique to my goals- beliefs- and life path. I don’t find the idea of a objective moral system very empowering or useful. I suggest that everyone find their own moral system and guide their lives to that. What is needed is not a blind following of any moral system- but what is needed is the creation of ones own moral system- based on ones own investigation.

It is far more effective for people to come up with their own guiding beliefs- not only will you believe them more but you will understand them and they will be a helpful addition to your life. If you take the time to investigate your beliefs and moral systems you will come to realize some very deep truths- probably even some truths that one could argue are absolute. But try as you may to communicate absolute truths you never can- for as the Tao so wonderfully says “The absolute that can be written is no the absolute.” One one experiences absolute truth it can not be explained to another- another must experience them himself. Absolute truths can not be transferred from one person to another in their completeness- gain one must feel them for himself. Someone can only point the way to that experience.

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