Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State


By Wayne Hoover

Goals are important; we must first know what we want- then we can get it. The more specific the goal the better. With a specific goal we can commit specific energy and watch the goal come near. With unspecific vague goals we set ourself up for a long process therby reducing our abality to reach our goal in a quick manner. Its like using a laser beam or a flash light. A vague goal is like using a flash light- we can see the general area in front of us but nothing much beyond that. Once we know where we want to go- we can hone in on it like a laser beam. A laser beam is like a specific goal. For example:
A flash light goal for this blog might be: I want to write about what makes me happy.
A laser-beam goal for this blog might be: Everyday I want to write about personal development and spirituality. I want to incorporate my daily life and technology also.

See the difference? A vague goal is good at getting my brain started- but a specific goal is much better at giving me specific things to work on. Only with a specific goal that I can hold myself to can I make any real progress.

So start. Give yourself some specifc goals and check back in a couple days to see if you have made in progress toward them. Don’t be afraid to change your goals slightly if they need it- but try to keep at them. Its probably a sign that if you aren’t following your goals you need to re-think why you made them in the first place and set some good strong intentions.

In my next post I will talk about intentions and how they can really help us reach our goals.

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