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Make Fear Work For You

By Wayne Hoover

Fear is powerful. It is one of the most fundamental emotions and one of the most deep rooted ones. On an evolutionary standpoint it was probably one of the first emotions. So fear can really influnce what we do in our lives. What job we take- what people we allow our selves to be with. Fear can play a huge part in influencing what we do.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could leverage our fear? We can use our fear to help us grow instead of helping us stay limited. The first step is recognizing what we are afraid of. The first step is always awareness. With awareness we can get really confront our fears. We don’t have to think that all our fears are bad and should be eliminated. Rather its helpful if we just notice them- just simple awareness goes a long way. Read on for some more tips.

Once we are aware of our fears we can start to analyize them- we can see how they affect us in our life. How they influnce our decesions. Fear can really limit what we do. Sometimes it can be so deep that we don’t even know that we are being controlled by our own fear. In this case it can be useful to bring awareness to our actions throughout the day- maybe even write them down. Later we can look at our actions and truthfully ask ourselves; was this action out of fear? What fear?

Once we bring awareness to our fears we can start to use them to our own benefit. With further investigation it might become clear that our fears are not really needed afterall. Most of the time fear simply puts a limit on what we think we can do. Yet by brining awareness to fear we can use it to give us more freedom. Slowly we can choose actions that come from other places than fear. We can start to live from a place of love and peace istead of fear.

Its so important that we ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing. Is it out of fear? Usually once we bring awareness to fear it disapears it might even become comical. For example- I was talking to my housemate today about fear and she told me this story of her fear of the dark. Finally she was out in the desert in the pitch black in her sleeping bag scared and shaking. Finally she got out to go pee and as she was squating there- she realized how stupid her fear really was. Once she really brought some awareness to her situtation the fear disapeared. What is there to be afraid of? She laughed.

Fear is that way. Its a coward really- once you look it in the eye it disapears. Its time that we stand up and live life.

Try keeping a daily journal of your actions. I really like using pocket mod to print out a nice booklet that I can keep with me at all times to write significant actions down.

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