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How To: Create a LiveJournal RSS Feed

By Wayne Hoover

Well after reading 5thiryones’s article on how to create a MySpace RSS Comments feed- I decided to do the same thing for my livejournal friends page. This goes out to all of you who don’t have a paid LJ account but still want to view your friends pages via ONE rss feed. Here are the steps:

*Go to feed43 and create a new feed.
*Enter these into the info boxes:
Item (repeatable) Search Pattern:
<td class="caption">{%}</td>{*}<font color="{*}">{%}</font></a>{*}</td></tr></table></td></tr></table>{%}<tr bgcolor="{*}<a href="{%}">Link</a>{*}
*The Item link- description- and name can be whatever you want.
*Here is a basic layout to use:
Item Title Template: {%2} - {%1} Item Link Template: {%4} Item Content Template: {%3}
Hit preview and now your done! Now you can really be up to date.

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