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When and When Not To Live By Statistics

By Wayne Hoover

There is a time for everything. Life is about being in the right place at the right time. Usually its not so much where- its when.

Sometimes it is helpful to live in a scientific world- a world where statistics rule. To base decisions on statistics is safe- its playing the odds. Its investing in a safe deposit box over gambling. Living by statistics is buying car insurance and going to college. Living life by statistics is nice when security and safety are the number one priority.

But there is a time when living by statistics aren’t such a good thing to do. The best time not to live by rule of thumb is when you are trying to do something creative and new. For example- starting a web site to make money is probably the last place you want to play the statistics game. Even Stive Pavlina agrees that “99% of the people who try to generate serious income from their blogs fail.” And thats exactly the statistic that he did not listen to when he started his blog.

The same goes for all great people. What were the statistics that Bill Gates would be a billionare after dropping out of college? What were the statistics that some clumbsy little kid named Isac Newton would develop a whole new way of doing physics? Statistics are not what we should be looking for when we are starting anything new- because they will always tell us to turn back. But statistics don’t lie right? Right- but look closely and see them for what they really are.

Statistics really explain something deeper about humanity- they are living proof that most people would rather conform than create- follow than lead- submit than challange. Well I say screw the statistics- I say do what you love and never look back- just follow your heart and you’ll never go wrong. Yes- it might be scary- it might get hard- but thats the fun of it! Life is here for the living- not the sitting! Its always here too; life is just waiting for you to get up- right now- and plunge head first into it. You left the statistics back in the office and your heading outside now- its time to get going.

After all who believes statistics anyways? I heard 83% of statistics are made up on the spot.

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