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Time Management

By Wayne Hoover

Here is a old but excellent link to a flash movie about Time management. Watch it- but I’ll break it down for you- basically:

*If you don’t want to be a boss or an empolye- ie you want to be your own boss- you need to devolpe self discipline to get things done. What can help? A planner!
*A simple little planner that you can carry around anywhere. (I recommend PocketMod) it relieves the anxienty about worrying about things that are due in the future.
*At first just write down tasks- then break them down and break those down. For example- one might be “write a play” then you break that down to write a script- call actiors- get a venue. Then you might break down write a script to Title:Wayne’s paly… ext. Now you have to do it.
*Deadlines are you friends! Give yourself deadlines- to make sure you stick to them anchor them on top of other deadlines. Use your knowledge of how long you know things will take to set reasonable guides. Organizing your time makes you more productive which helps you out.

Be kind to yourself: Get a datebook- write down tasks- set deadlines and organize your time wisely.

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