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How to take control of your life

By Wayne Hoover

If you don’t take charge of your life. Then who will? If you don’t do what you want then what will you do?

If you don’t know what you want- then who is telling you what you should want?

The fundamental human question is “What am I going to do?” In other words what am I going to spend my life here on this planet doing?

A lot of people tell me “I don’t know what I want to do.” or “I don’t know what I want.” And I always think “thats impossible.” Its impossible to not know what you want to do because whatever you are doing right now is what you want to do. Let me say it again- on some level everything you are doing right now is exactly what you want to be doing.

The question then becomes on what level are you doing what you want? I think that for a lot of people most of what they do (and what they want) is subconscious. Some let their subconscious desires dictate their life- or even worse they let outside influences dictate what they want subconsciously.

But there is a way out of all that! Just choose to follow your own path- choose to be the dictator of your own life. Take charge of your life. Every second you are alive- you are making choices- you are deciding what to do with your time. So why not make those choices conscious? If you are going to be making choices all the time then why not make them worth while choices?

If you are not conscious of the decisions you make on a daily basis- then you are not consciously in control of your life and you might as well be letting others or the past subconsciously control what you do. Because you HAVE to do something- as long as you are alive- you are doing something.

We don’t have to do anything we really don’t want to do. Life is much more than just surviving. And its up to us to decide what we want to do. Because if we don’t decide consciously what we are going to do then its going to be decided in some other way- and its probably going to be subconscious. Because the reality of it is- the maddening- wonderful- amazing- scary- blissful- reality of it is- is we have choice in every moment.

To be alive to constantly answering the question “what do I want to do?” Every moment of our life is the answer to that question- if we know it consciously or not. Every moment we are doing- every moment we are creating our destiny. And every moment is NOW.

Luckily there is a simple way out! All you have to do is be aware of what you are doing right now. Right now- if you want :)- here is a simple technique you can use anytime to gain control of any situation.

    1. Stop and take a Breath.
    2. Notice what you are doing.
    3. Ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”
    4. If you don’t like the answer change what you are doing change it- if you do keep doing it.

This is really just being mindful of what you are doing- bringing awareness to the present moment. At first- if we are not in the practice of doing this- we might have to remind ourself. A good way to do this is set a chime on your watch or something like that and remember that whenever you hear it to notice what you are doing and ask yourself truly and sincerely why you are doing what you are doing.

If you find it hard at first to not do what you don’t like to do- thats OK- it might take time to remember that we can do whatever we want and that we are the ones in charge of our destiny. Just the act of noticing that what you are doing is not what you want to do be doing will trigger something inside of you to take action- if not now then sooner or later- you will take action.

Because thats what we do- all day long- we take action. We are doing something even when we think we are doing nothing. So if we are going to be doing all the time- then why not consciously choose what we want to do? Its impossible to not know what you want to do- because you are doing it right now!

Take charge of your life- and make your actions conscious. Be smart.

With peace-

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