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Neo-Taoist PodCast on Tantra

By Wayne Hoover

I would like to talk about this podcast I just heard over at expanded love making– a podcast/blog about tantra.

This episode interviews this guy named Moses Ma– who calls himself a “neo-Taoist” among other things. Here are some quotes I thought were worth mentioning:

“Energy for transformation starts with sexualty”

“Enlightment is a verb”

“Neo-Tantra- Neo-Taoism Neo-[everything]- is looking through the filter of what is real. and seeing the complete reality of religion- and taking away what doesn’t work and keeping what does work.”

“We are moving away from an era of spiritual materialism to an era of true spirituality.”

“Sexuality is so addictive that we can fool ourselves into thinking that this is a form of spiritually when we are in fact actually dissipating ourselves. So if we can do both [i.e.]- let go and be in pleasure or let go and be completely celibate and be happy there- that is the key”

The formula he gave to determine how many days a male should wait before next ejaculation: (MansAge/10)^2. For example 20/10 = 2^2 = 4 days that a 20 year old should wait before ejaculating again.

Then he quickly mentions that “…its not important to be religious about it. its not one or the other with ejaculation.”

“What you want to do is transcend your thought patterns about tantra and find what really works for you.”

I like his visionary remarks at the end- Ma wants to “fuze spirituality and technology” with his startup.

Ma sees a “spiritualization of the internet” coming within the next 5 years.

He wraps things up with a good saying on Tantra in general:
“The core of Tantra is really about tools for communication and connection- tools for opening all of your chackras”

The interviewer makes a funny remark here: “What is it going to be like to have a generation of enlightened people that aren’t from China or Tibet? What is it going to be like to have a generation of Tartra masters that are from california and are eating raw food…”

“Don’t be one dimensional with spirituality. It includes everything- emotions- sex- intellect- [lets] get there in a comprehensive way.”

I agree. Overall pretty good. This podcast is part of a larger wealth of information.

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