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Tantra 1

By Wayne Hoover

So lets talk a bit about Tantra.

You would think that I would have a little bit to say about Tantra considering that I have been living with a Tantra teacher for the past couple months- but- alas- I don’t. Tantra is a bit hard to talk about because its so experiential. I could talk about Buddhism- say- all day- but I can really only SAY a couple words on Tantra. In my experience Tantra is actually pretty easy to understand intellectually once we get our definitions right. So lets begin.

What does the word Tantra even mean? Well in the west the word has become to mean something slightly different than in the east. The word “Tantra” is still becoming here in the west. As it stands I think most westerners view Tantra as some sort of sexual practice- but in reality sexual practice is only one part of a larger spiritual practice that is included in Tantra. Yet when people talk about Tantra they usually refer to its sexual practice. I think that Tantra- in the west- is starting to mean all spiritual techniques that involve sexuality- be them Hindu in origin or Chinese Taoist. So- lets talk about that.

What started me on the whole Tantra Scene was this book called the Multi Orgasmic Man that just happened to be laying around the house one day (as all good books do). So I picked it up and realized that sex could be- and is- a spiritual practice. This book highlights some of the Taoist techniques for what Montak calls- sexual kung-fu.

What stuck me first about this book was its pragmatic system for achieving orgasms without ejaculating. This is a really important part in both traditions- i.e. ejaculation control. Tantra is about experiencing greater and greater waves of bliss. Like most spiritual traditions Tantra is tightly linked to our thoughts- to the mind/body interaction. Ultimately our only limitation is our beliefs. The sexual techniques of Tantra allow us to break down deeply rooted hegemonic beliefs- like you have to ejaculate to orgasm- its just not true.

Western science even admits that there is a clear link between orgasm and ejaculation- the key is that they do not necessarily have to be tied together; you can have one without the other.

Well… how?

That is a good question and one I will leave to a later post. In the mean time check these books out:

Multi Orgasmic Couple


Multi Orgasmic Woman

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