Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

It only gets better

By Wayne Hoover

Life really gives you everything you want. Whatever you want you think about and therefor you get it.

So the trick is to want things that are empowering. Every thought you send out comes right back to you.

So send out good thoughts. In fact why not have them be the best thoughts ever. Send out positive affirmations of the best type possible.

For example. My living situation keeps getting better- and will continue to get better- always. The best ever- always. Always constantly better. Thats the energy that I send out.

We are always transmitting something to the universe- if we are conscious of it or not- we are always sending out energy vibrations to the outside. Whatever resonates with these energy vibrations comes back to us.

So why not vibrate at the highest level possible. Spend your time in the best possible locations- doing the best possible things- eating the best possible food- always better. Thats the energy I send out- and thats what I get. The best ever.

Be the best ever- have the best ever- know the best ever.

What I know to be the best- just gets better. Everyday I experience something- and then the next day I experience better- and better and better. What a wonderful spiral to be in- the best ever spiral.

It only gets better.

Thats a good motto to keep around- to send out- to be in; “It only gets better.”

Life is such an amazing thing. We have everything we want- right now- you- me- everyone has everything they want. Just look deeply and you will see. Even if you want things you still have what you want now. You always have what you want- now- in this present moment.

In peace-

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