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How the Law Of Attraction Works with Conflicting Goals

By Wayne Hoover

You have everything you want.

I have been paying a lot of attention lately to how things manifest. I have been paying a lot of attention to my power of manifestation. By observing my intentions and thoughts I have come to understand how important it is that we watch our thoughts- that we watch our intentions- because it all eventually becomes reality.

The remaining of this post will clarify how two people can have seemingly contradictory intentions. For example- say I intend for Y to “win the election” and you intend X to win the election; the question is whos intention actually becomes a reality? My answer: Both.

How can two contradictory goals actually manifest?
In the past I played around with the idea that whoever is “stronger” i.e. more connected to the divine will get his or her goal manifested. But that doesn’t really seem to be the right answer. A better answer to this question is that we are all one and that really both our wishes are one wish- that is- they are both inherently coming from the same place. Its just our mind that is creating the perceived difference between wishes- the perceived contradiction. So if I want Y to win the election and you want X to win- who actually wins is the sum of our collective wish.

What is the sum of our collective wish?
Very generally it is society- it is reality- it is everything. This- right now- this moment- is all -our- wish- all of it. In our above example the word “win” doesn’t exist in reality. Sometimes we get so fixated on things that don’t really exist- like winning an election. Like what does that really mean anyways? One could write a couple books on just what it means to win an election- what it really implies and the implications of it on the real world- but its not something we think about when we have the intention for someone “win” the election. It is probably so vague and different for each person- that its fairly easy to see that when intend for someone to win an election how we might actually be intending for the same exact thing!

The trouble is in our definitions- our lack of clarity with each other. We get so caught up in our unclear definitions and ambiguities that we forget that we all actually want the same things- we all actually have the same goals and the same wishes. My wish is really- really- really- really- the same as yours- we probably just have different ways of saying it. We might have forgotten how easy it is for ambiguities to make it seem like we have different intentions when it is really just the same goal.

Please don’t feel like you should figure out what our shared intentions are- this is a pursuit of the mind and one that will never be able to be written down or communicated. Once the mind gets at it and communicates it we are back to all those ambiguities and implications. There is no precise language to communicate the moment. The beautiful thing about all this is that we don’t need a language to understand the sum total of our intentions- all we have to do is be present. Experience now; look around- feel- see- touch- taste- be aware now- and you are experiencing the collective intent- its soooo obvious- its the most obvious thing.

In Sum:
We only think we have contradicting intentions- but we really intend the same thing. Destroy ambiguity and get as clear as possible with your intentions and notice how we all have the same intentions.

I am touching on the reality that we are all one- that the illusion of separateness is a disease of the mind. And that You- Me- everyone- is responsible 100% for their reality. If I change intention the world changes intention. If you change intention I change intention as does the world.

No contradictions exist in the present moment- therefor no contradicting intentions exist- because all that exists was at sometime an intention (your intention at that). The clearer you get with your own intentions the more you understand- see- experience- this truth that we all have the same intentions. We all want the same thing- deep down- beyond ambiguity we all want the same thing- and that thing is this moment.

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