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Like Attracts Like: The Law of Attraction

By Wayne Hoover

Like attracts like. How to use the Law of Attraction.

Yesterday I asked someone what they wanted- and she said; “I need core group of people to help me with my projects” and this really struck me. It struck me because that has also been what I have been telling people that I need. Thats when I realized the utter simple perfection of the universe. The universe only understands what you put out- it doesn’t “think” like we think in words and symbols.

We are like magnets; we attract that which we think. By constantly putting out the thought “I need a solid crew to help with my projects” that is exactly the type of people that I have attracted into my life- those that are also looking for a group to help with their projects! The universe- or what some people call the Law of Attraction- works in what can best be described as pure emotion and feeling- very much not thought. The law of attraction can’t decode our cryptic and error prone language- it works on a much more direct- faster- and subtle form of communication that of pure feeling or knowing.

The universe only understands the energy you put out- not necessarily the language thoughts. It works off the emotion that are attached to the thoughts- the knowing- the feeling that is behind and deeper than our language. In my case- I was thinking “I need a crew of people that are dedicated this project that want to work with me” and the universe attracted to me exactly the type of people that were looking for the same exact thing! The universe acted upon the energy I was putting out- I was sending out a specific type of energy- and I was aligned with that type of people- that type of environment.

If I want to attract those people who actually are dedicated and willing to work with me on my projects- I have to BE LIKE and FEEL LIKE those people that I want to be around- or else I just attract others that are looking for the same thing. If I want to be around people who are dedicated and committed to a project then I have to be dedicated and committed to a project.

It can all be summed up as: Like attracts like.

This is a very powerful truth and has wide reaching implications. For example- if I want to be around clean people then I have to be clean myself and then I will attract that energy into my life. The beauty of it is that you can get as detailed and specific as you want- and you will attract that into your life. We are like magnets; we pull that which harmonically resonates with our current energy to us.

So you can truly have anything you want- you just have to be that- you just have to give off that energy- and it will come to you. You have to know it- you have to feel that energy and it will come to you. It doesn’t work by just thinking about what you need. Thinking about what you need just puts you in a lack mindset and ultimately only attracts others that are also thinking in terms of need. Think- feel- and be like you already are what you are looking for. If you want to be abundant be grateful for the abundance you already have. Everything you ever wanted is already within you- just put your energy there and you start attracting it in greater mass to you. Just as bigger magnets are stronger than smaller ones the more you ARE that way the more you attract that way and it can create a wonderful positive spiral towards your goals.

You are creating your universe right now- everything that you have- everything that is around you is a result of some emotion or knowing that you have had. You can either make conscious decisions to shape the direction of your reality or you can let your subconscious do the manifesting work for you. On a very deep level everything around you stems from you- you are in ultimate control- in fact you ARE the control itself.

Your destiny is in YOUR hands. You can either stand up and start being that which you want or you can give it all up to fate or “circumstance.” I urge you to take charge of your life- start creating what you want and stop believing that you don’t have control. Your life is yours! Live it! Manifest that by being that.

Like attracts like. But don’t take my word for it: what type of people do you find yourself around- what type of environment do you find yourself in? Does this fit with the type of energy/emotions/feelings/deep thoughts you put out? Are you attracting that which like you are?

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