Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

Poetry Of The Day: Fire

By Wayne Hoover

I look into the flames
Those bright orange flames
All jumping dancing- reaching- together
And singing too- yes
But their beautiful singing needn’t any voice
It’s the crackling- sputtering- swishing of the fire
They give- they get
They live- they die
Each flame is part of another
Each curling- embracing the other

I look into the dream of orange- yellow- gold- and blue on the edges
I see happiness- sadness- excitement- depression
It’s all a dream you see?
You fall into it
Nothing makes sense
Like a puddle- you fall into it and drown
Just a small puddle
You feel warm and drowsy
You think of nothing… yet something
You become one with the flame
The power of the flame
It swallows your thoughts
Your thoughts almost are its power

To me the flame is one of an everything
It is weak- it is strong
It is bright- it is dull
It is everything it can be

–By Yuli

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