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Poison Into Medicine – Gratitude

By Wayne Hoover

I have been reading the Ringing Ceders series of books and have found them most life changing. One aspect of the books that I keep coming back to again and again is how spiritually un-evolved our global culture is. She makes constant indirect references to our destructive- inefficient- primitive society- and she makes a lot of sense.

Anastasia makes such a strong argument against what she calls our “technocratic” world that its hard not to feel a sense of disgust for the current state of world civilization- and it is this feeling of disgust that I would like to talk about now.

I do not tolerate the saying “ignorance is bliss-” a life of ignorance is a life unexamined- and the unexamined life is not worth living! So if we are to examine our life and our current situation- and by necessity the current world situation- we are bound to feel a sense of disgust- especially after reading books like the Anastasia which explain other more joyful ways of living. So then what is one to do now?

What we do now is what we will always do first to achieve change- be grateful. The key to change is gratitude for what is now- already. If we don’t find ways to feel grateful for what we already have then we will just continue the disgust- disgust of what is disgusting only begets more disgust. But gratitude for disgust begins to beget something more more beautiful than what one is grateful for. Gratitude is truly the most amazing tool we have at our disposal it literally has the power to turn poison into medicine.

And what is gratitude? Gratitude is thankfully loving what is.

Gratitude works to get you to where you want to go by grounding you down in the present moment. To get to any point you need to know two things; where you are now and where you are going. Gratitude makes you aware of where you are now and it helps you develop the positive feelings needed to get where you want to go. Because you can’t get to where you are going on an empty tank- you need feelings of positivity to bring more positivity into your life.

So if we are to live this life we are bound to want something better- and to get something better we must first be grateful for what we have. Gratitude sets our current point and give us positive emotions that fuel our forward progress.

So don’t be distressed if you find yourself living in such a “technocratic” world. Realize that if you really- really- want to change it- you must change your feelings towards it- and it will change. Love it. Accept. And watch your world change.

Blessings to all.

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