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Rethinking bad” eyesight”

By Wayne Hoover

Last night I was talking about my nearsightedness with a fellow myopic friend and I realized that my eyesight- “bad” as it might be- has really been a blessing to my life. Just because I can’t read a street sign from a distance doesn’t mean that I don’t know to turn there- I know because my intuition tells me its the correct street- or just because I can’t see what the map says at a distance doesn’t mean I can’t tell you what it says because my memory reminds me. I attribute my eyesight my very strong intuition- its like a muscle that I constantly work out because of my eyesight- as such its incredibly clear- I really appreciate my eyesight just as it is.

Have you ever thought why is it “bad” or “wrong” to not be able to see so far? Yes- if you are a truck driver- or a pilot- or something like this you probably need to be able to see things far away well. Is believing that if we don’t have “perfect” eyesight an empowering belief? Doesn’t it sound better to believe that our eyesight- whatever it is like now- is a gift- something in which we can learn from in our own unique way?

After talking with some people about this many have shared with me their stories of how having less than “perfect” eyesight has helped them develop skills and abilities they probably wouldn’t have if they had “better” eyesight. Us with less than clear vision have been given a gift to see things differently than what is considered the “right way” to see (and this segment of the population is nearly half in industrialized nations).

I think its time (it has been for me at least) to look at what my eyesight is really trying to teach me- what it is trying to show me. As I already explained my my eyesight has helped me get in touch with my psychic abilities in such a way probably not possible otherwise. Maybe its time that more people start to become aware of their abilities.

We have to be careful at what we define as “the way it should be.” I feel like 20/20 eyesight is really taken to be “the way it should be” but why? What lessons and crucial learning are we missing out on by just putting on a pair of glasses? What is our body really trying to show us?

I believe that the key to having perfect eyesight is opening up to the idea that your eyesight is fine just the way it is- it doesn’t need to be “fixed.” The perfect eyesight is the eyesight you have right now. If though at some point you desire to have a more clear vision of objects far or close away the universe will start to put certain events- people- books in your path- you just have to ask.

And yes- I do whole heatedly believe that you can go from a blurry vision to an excellent vision without surgery or glasses- I personally know people who increased their vision clarity and am also in the process of learning (google “bates method” for more info).

In our age we want the quick fix to “problems.” But what we really need now is to realize that these “problems” are actually gifts. Instead of putting on glasses or taking a pill or getting surgery we have the magnificent amazing opportunity to look deeply into ourselves and gain precious insight into our mind and body. There is nothing that needs to be fixed in your body- mind- or soul just areas in which to investigate and explore. To believe that something is even wrong in the first place we have to compare ourselves- as if others knew what was best for us.

We get pressured into believing that everyone should see the same distance- that everyone should have the same in their eyesight. We are pressured into believing that if we can’t see as far as our friend there is something wrong- so not wanting to be the one what has something wrong we look for the quick fix- glasses usually in the case of eyesight. But the body is persistent it will keep reminding you of this area of your life to investigate- but sadly people think “oh- my eyesight is getting worse- I better get some stronger glasses” and they keep getting stronger and stronger glasses- but really the body is just trying to show you something. Any “problem” your body might have is really just your bodies way of saying “hey this something that if you really looked into you could probably learn a lot from.” You could probably really make your life much much better if you would just look- look- its right there its so clear- its literarily everywhere you look.

So treat your eyesight however it is as a gift- treat your whole body and whatever it is showing you right now as a magnificent gift- a gift that is constantly talking to you- gently nudging you to greater awareness and new profound joy and happiness.


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