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The Questions That Matter Most: The Best News Years Resolution Ever

By Wayne Hoover

Its time that we started asking the questions that really mattered most. Its that time of year to reflect on our lives and really look deeply to see if our actions- words- and most importantly thoughts are getting is what we want.

I remember a definition I once heard for describing insanity; “Someone who does the same thing over and over again and expects different results each time.” Funny if you take that definition to be true then it would seem like a lot of people out in the world are insane.

Most people know what they want- its not really hard to come up with a couple things you would like. Everyone has desires- its what makes us human- honor and celebrate your desires- but for gosh sake take a look at your life now. Are you getting what you want? Are you achieving your goals? Are you living your dreams- and if not why not? What do you have to do different to start living your dreams- now?

Remember to look deeply at your desires at your dreams and goals. What do you really want- really? On the surface it might be something material like a new car but what is a new car without somewhere to go or people to see? And whats somewhere to go but a beautiful feeling- whats a new car without that the feeling you get by getting in the first time- without the feeling it would be like its not worth it- in fact you could probably say we aren’t really buying a new car after all- we are buying the feeling of whats its like to have a new car.

Behind all our materialistic desires there is an emotion- a feeling- that we desire- this is really the true desire. We desire the feeling- the feeling of driving a new car- the feeling we get when others see our new car the  experience of driving it. And all of these feelings have one deeper feeling they want to evoke more of- happiness.  We most deeply desire happiness- it is at the root of all desire. All our desires are rooted in the desire for happiness even the “bad” desires that are born out of fear are just a roundabout way of wanting a life of happiness.

So I ask you to take a look at your life- and ask yourself “Am I leading a happy life?” And if you aren’t what can you do- right now- or at the very least for gods sake- what can I do today to make my life more happy? What things can you change- because you must change something to live a more happy life. You must do something different to become more fulfilled and happy in your life.

And I ask you to really examine your material desires- to really contemplate on their value. Will your materialist desires really -really- -truly- bring happiness to your life? Of course when you fulfill a materialist desire it will bring some level of happiness to your life (as all of us who receive gifts for christmas know) but take a second or two to think how long that happiness will last. How much last happiness you will really gain from your material possessions?

This is why I am such a big proponent of personal development. In personal development you learn to make yourself more happy from the inside out. The beauty about self work is that it increases your ability to be happy more of the time without needing anything outside yourself. Unlike material goods that slowly loose their ability to make you happy (and often cause you just as much sadness as happiness) when you make a lasting change to yourself its rather permanent. When you work on yourself you begin to increase your overall level of happiness and your ability to be happy has increased no matter what the situation.

As we have heard a hundred times by now “money doesn’t buy happiness” and this has even been  affirmed many times in many scientific journals. The last one I read pointed out that people tend to have a base level of happiness that they more or less hover around- even if amazing things happen to them. For example when people win the lottery for a period of time their level of happiness goes up- but it eventually goes right back where it was before they won the lottery- the same thing tends to happen to people who are in major accidents and loose the ability to walk or something similar- for a time they are much less happy than they were- then they eventually go back to the level of happiness they were at before the accident.

So if you really think about it the best thing you could ever do for yourself the best new years present ever is the gift of true happiness the gift of yourself to yourself. Learn to become more happy inside without the need of anything external- take a clear close look at your life and start doing those things that really do make you happy and enjoy. Learn to become more sensitive and aware of yourself and your internal nature. The best gift you could ever receive is the gift that you can only receive from yourself.

I continue to write in this blog in order to inspire others to examine their lives and take action in doing those things that will have a real meaningful impact for themselves. I write to inspire personal growth. May we all grow together and live a happy and inspired 2010!


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