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You are enough! The End To Fear Based Marketing

By Wayne Hoover

Pick up most marketing books today and they are still teaching fear based tactics. The idea still widely practiced is that a  successful marketer will make the consumer believe that he needs the product- that his or her life would not be complete without the product- this tactic plays off of peoples fear and insecurities. Fear based marketing increase peoples insecurities and fear by tricking them into believing that they are not enough- that they should look outside of themselves for the answer. If you buy something with the false belief that it will somehow make you more whole or complete you are bound to be disappointed because there is nothing outside of yourself that can give you yourself- that can show you your own unique magnificent brilliance but you!

Marketers are trying to trick you into believing you aren’t enough; you need this or that. You need this consultancy- or that seminar- or this knowledge- or this workshop. It has been engrained in us at an early age to believe the we are not enough to distrust our feelings and ignore our passions.

Marketing must move to a more uplifting and ultimately more sustaining model- on that embraces facts and positive messages. A positive based marketing approach doesn’t try and trick the consumer into believing that if he doesn’t buy this product his life will be worse off or how I absolutely need this product in order to be happy or whole. A positive based marketing approach actually cares about the consumer and wants the best for them if or if not they buy the product. Positive based marketing informs the the consumer in very clear ways what he will get- nothing more. Positive based marketing goes out and finds the tribe of people who are interested in what is being offered- or builds the community- contributes to the community and naturally engages those who are interested in buying the product.

Now that business is moving online we don’t have to blindly place billboards up or TV commercials not knowing who might watch- marketing finally can go to where the people are that actually care.

By continuing fear based marketing the marketer and the consumer fuel and sustain within themselves the false belief that we are inherently not enough- that we must look outside of ourself for our salvation- that there is some sort of lack and that we must fill it- this is false! We are enough- our salvation is inside and inherent- we lack nothing.

The truth of the matter is that there is no lack- we live in an infinitely abundant universe! You are whole as you are right now. You need not go anywhere- invest in anything- or do anything to become whole to become who you are- because you already are you who you are. At the same time enjoy your life- buy tickets around the world and things you want its fun- but realize that these things can’t make you happy- these things can fill your life with meaning. You are the meaning of your life. You are amazing- you are enough!

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