Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

Vibrations Are Everything

By Wayne Hoover

The vibrations- and by vibrations I mean the thoughts- feelings and actions you send out into the universe- hugely determine the world you live in especially your thoughts and emotions- because what you give you receive. This is really a key fundamental truth of the universe. Many people call this the Law Of Attraction. So if your vibrations are high and positive your life will be filled with positive high vibration things- people and places. The external is a mirror of the internal- it really is.

This is why it’s so important that we do what we are passionate about and what makes us really feel good (as explained in my last podcast).

This is also why its so important to connect with people if you really want to help someone- because its all about the vibrations you have when you are with them that determine the quality of the interaction. If you really want to make someone feel better you simply allow them to access that part of themselves that already feels great- you don’t have to do anything but keep feeling great yourself. If you feel like yo have to fix them or something then what kind of vibration are you sending out to the universe? You are attracting situations in which things don’t work- or in which things or people are broken and need fixing- that need your help. So keep doing what you are doing if you want to continue attracting that.

If you want to attract something different in your life you have to shift your internal state. This is why its so nice to be around people who feel good- because they are not trying to make you feel good- they are just accepting you as you are and feeling good as they are- because thats what they are attracting into the world. If you want to create more peace in the world you have to be more peaceful. You can’t go to anti-war protests and expect their to be more piece in the world- you can’t get angry and expect there to be more love in the world. You have to have love and there will be more love in the world. When you are loving you will be attracting more love in the world.

You have to be the change you want to see in the world. If you want to be happy you have to start doing those things that make you happy now. If you want to be peaceful you have to start doing those things that make you peaceful now. And its not really a matter of doing things that make you peaceful or happy its about simply just shifting your attention- your thoughts- on those things that make you peaceful and happy and then your actions will follow.

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