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Staying Happy

By Wayne Hoover

Staying Happy.

When you are present- you are in a state of deep peace. When you are thinking about the past or the future you are probably stressed out. Probably not all that happy. The more presence you bring into your life the more happy you become.

If you are not present it is because you are thinking about the past or the future. The present moment only exists now. Stay there.

Maybe the question arises- how do I manifest things- do things- if I am just being present?

If you want to manifest something then you have to stop believing that it is going to come sometime in the future. The more it exists in the future the more it exists in the future.

Yet at the same time be practical about it. Its OK to develop plans- to build things and use the mind that way. Fine. Wonderful. The mind is a useful tool. But just keep it that way- don’t let the mind run you. Take control. When you don’t need the mind- when you have finished planning- then stop it.

Stay present- come back to the present moment. Nothing in the future can make you happy- because the future doesn’t exist. If you put your happiness always on the future- then you’ll never have it because the future is never NOW. Only the now is now.

When will the future become the now? When you finally have that car- or that house? Or is it when you have that relationship you always wanted? After you have all those things- then will you say the future is now?

Imagine you had all those things now. It won’t last my friend- sorry. If the habit of your mind is to be constantly in the future then once the future becomes the now you will soon want something more. Something more!

This is why people want more.

People want more because their mind is always in the future- thinking about what it could have- what it doesn’t have. The mind has taken over. You have become identified with the future. The future holds all salvation.

Its the carrot in front of the horse- you can never have it because the future can never be the now! The future is the future! Let it go. Stop chasing that carrot and come to the present moment.

Ok- we are here. Now what?

Thats the mind. That question “now what.” Thats the mind- it always wants to be fed. Its hungry for input. Now what- now what. A lot of people get depressed or sad because they are bored. They have identified with the “now what” operation of the mind. “now what” can never be satisfied.

Let “now what” go- and realize the peace of the moment. There is nothing that needs to be done in the moment. In the moment there is peace. There is no “now what” in the moment.

Now what? Now! Thats what.

Thats really the type of attitude you have to have with the mind. You have to take strong and direct action with it. Strong energy.

This does not mean harsh- or negative energy. I am not saying to beat yourself up when you have a thought. I am just saying that you have to have a strong direct energy with your mind. Because the mind can be a trickster. It can trick you into believing anything.

So take strong energy with your mind. Tell it who is boss. It responds very very quickly. In fact so quick that after you tell it to stop it might start right up again. If that happens then be stronger. STOP! Be present.

Being present- is being present- it isn’t thinking about the past or the future.

You will notice that the more present you are the more things come to you. Whatever you want will start to come to you more and more because you are more and more present.

That means that you will be able to harness the power of the present moment. The true power of your mind. To truly tap into the power of your mind- just come out of a place of presentness. That is the seat of power.

That is where all inspiration is.

That is where all everything is. Think about it. All things are and ever will be in the present moment. This is because the past and future do not exist. There is only the present moment.

Sure- you might say- thats all -true– but its just a word game.

And to this I would have to agree with you. This is just a word game.

After all these are just words. Words can only point to truth- they can not BE truth. The only truth is this moment right now- right now.

Right now is where all happiness abides- where it can only abide. The present moment is the only place that anything can actually happen- and it is the place where all things happen.

Being present is all there is really. There is only this present moment. There is only now.

So to be happy is to be present. Stay present. Everything that I just said really is just to coax the mind into accepting that it is OK to be present.

It is OK to let go of the past and future. It is OK to be now. There is nothing to worry about- as all problems stem from the past or future. You have everything you need- all is well.

In peace-

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