Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

How to be stress and pain free

By Wayne Hoover

There are no real problems in the present moment.
Problems only exist when we think about the past or future.
Problems exist in time.

The past already happened and the future has yet to become. All that is really true is this present moment.

Time is created and sustained by the mind.

Time and the mind seem to cause ceaseless suffering for mankind in the form of stress.

Thinking about “What-Ifs” we stress ourselves out.

Sometimes thinking about “What-Ifs” isn’t limited to our own body- sometimes we think of the “problems” of others for them. Sometimes the mind likes to think about the “What-Ifs” of others- the past or future of others- and this puts unnecessary stress on us.

What about pain?
Accept pain- just notice it. See it for what it really is. What is the pain without the labels? without running from the pain without wanting it to be different- what is it really? Then out of that presence- that presence and acceptance of what is an awareness might arise of what action really needs to be taken- if any. Its about action- its about not reacting.

You don’t have to stress yourself out. You don’t have to think so much about the past or future- for yourself or for anyone else. There is now- thats all there really is.

There is no real need to think much about the past or future. Suffering is optional. The correct action will present itself and it will be done. In fact the “correct” action is always being done. Its all quite perfect- always has been and forever will be.

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